Kim's Case Study

A successful case begins with a vision of the end result followed by a structured and organized treatment plan. This particular dental case has been the most challenging and also the most rewarding of my career. Kim came to my office following a traumatic injury to her mouth. The unfortunate accident left her with one fractured lateral incisor, one missing central incisor, the remaining front teeth pushed back into her mouth along with a fractured maxilla (upper arch bone) and a malocclusion (teeth no longer biting together properly).


It was necessary for me to assemble a "team" of dental specialists to determine all of the treatment necessary and the proper sequence of this treatment.

The following is a list of all the specialists required to help me achieve the results:
  • Oral surgeon to repair the fractured upper arch
  • Orthodontist to correct alignment of teeth
  • Endodontist to perform root canals on three front teeth of the patients remaining front teeth
  • Periodontist to replace missing bone structure and to place a dental implant in the central incisor position
  • Laboratory to fabricate a diagnostic wax-up to determine how our end result would appear before we even got started. You must have a vision as the restorative dentist.
Initially I felt it was important to splint the remaining teeth together to decrease their mobility while healing and therefore increase their long term prognosis. Also, I fabricated a stayplate to temporarily replace the missing front tooth. We elected to use all ceramic crowns to achieve this beautiful and natural smile.

Final Crowns in place
Final Procera Crowns in place on Kim's natural teeth
( Prior to the implant to replace the missing tooth )

Implant and Procera crown in place
Implant and Procera Crown replacing lost incisor

Following treatment, Kim moved out of state and communication was lost for several years. Recently, Kim contacted us with a beautiful testimonial, which we've shared on our Patient Experiences page. This case is holding strong both esthetically and functionally.

Finished Case
Finished Case, with Kim's beautiful smile restored!

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